Project Status

The Project started in April 2015 when Tommy Hall gave both his cooperation and blessing to the project.

Currently the project has obtained numerous photographs from various time periods of Tommy Hall's life. It has also obtained a scan of the Texas Governor's proclamation directly from the Governor's office.

Also of note, Tommy Hall has re-recorded three of his old songs to be used in the soundtrack, and as well, he is contributing several new musical compositions for the soundtrack.

The project has interviewed many people closest to Tommy Hall including:
Tommy Hall: 5 hours of interviews so far
Clementine Hall: Tommy Hall's former wife
Roland Hall: Tommy Hall's stepson
Carolyn Hall Laurence: Tommy Hall's sister
Peter Hall: Tommy Hall's brother
Ronnie Leatherman: 13th Floor Elevators bass guitarist
Danny Thomas: 13th Floor Elevators drummer
Dana Erickson: Wife of Roky Erickson-13th Floor Elevators guitarist/vocalist
Powell St. John: Songwriter (for The 13th Floor Elevators) and performer
George Kinney of The Golden Dawn: close friend and supporter
Christian Bland of The Black Angels: supporter and follower
Billy Gibbons of The Moving Sidewalks and ZZ Top: close friend and supporter

Many other interviews with others close to Tommy are forthcoming.
We are attempting to get rights to use Stacy Sutherland (the 13th Floor Elevator’s lead guitarist) and Sandy Lockett (The 13th Floor Elevator’s soundman) interviews with their estates.
Gay Jones, Tommy Hall’s significant other of 48 years, is pending.
Because of their total commitment to the project, the filmmakers have self-funded all production to date.

All pre-production and filming will be finished no later then October 3rd.
Editing may begin on October 4th if editors can be obtained.

Photo at the Porter Ale House in Austin Texas, Saturday, May 9, 2015